Onboarding process

This guide provides general steps for you to go through the whole integration process. Read this topic to get started with WorldFirst integration.

Onboarding process

Figure 1. Process to integrate with WorldFirst

To implement the integration, perform the following actions:

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    Prepare for integration

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    1. 1. Read the integration guides

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      Read through the relevlant documents from WorldFirst Doc Center to familiarize yourself with the overall workflow and core features.

    2. 2. Draft an integration plan

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      Work with our solution architect team to make an integration plan. Our solution architect team will help you figure out the integration scope such as the required capabilities to be integrated and determine which parts are optional.

    3. 3. Obtain Credentials

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      Retrieve the necessary information from WorldFirst Technical Support, which includes:

      • Domain name of endpoints
      • Partner ID
      • Client ID
      • WorldFirst public key
      • WorldFirst outbound IP address range
      • IP address whitelist (For offline integration)
    4. 4. Generate RSA2 key pair

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      You are obligated to generate an RSA2 key pair and exchange public keys with WorldFirst before integration. To learn how to generate an RSA2 key pair, refer to the Sign a request and validate the signature chapter.

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    Develop and integrate

    You can develop an application and integrate it with WorldFirst based on your business requirements. For API integration solutions, refer to the guides in each specific documentation.

  3. 3

    Conduct production acceptance testing

    Acceptance testing can determine whether a component or system satisfies the requirements. Contact the WorldFirst Support Team for more details about the production acceptance testing process.


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    Launch into production

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    Once your application has passed the production acceptance testing process, you can launch the application into production.