WorldFirst Pay Solution is an excitingly adaptive and innovative oversea e-commerce payment solution developed by WorldFirst for merchants across the globe. WorldFirst Pay Solutionhelps Merchants (Customers) solve common issues such as cross-border and vendor payments.

Basic concepts

The overall procedure involves the following roles:

  • Customer: This terminology is equivalent to Merchant. A Customer is a merchant that trades in goods or services on the Partner's platform.
  • Partner: The platform that cooperates and integrates with WorldFirst and provides services to the Customers.
  • WorldFirst: WorldFirst provides the WorldFirst Pay Solution to the Partner.
  • Checkout page: The payment webpage generated by WorldFirst. The Customer needs to navigate to this webpage via a redirection URL and complete the payment order on this webpage.


The advantages of the WorldFirst Pay Solution include:

  • Better experience for oversea Chinese e-commerce.
  • Enjoy wide support from major logistics providers, saving payment fees and cutting logistic costs.
  • Boost business opportunities with our exceptionally well-crafted solutions for oversea payments.

How it works

In WorldFirst Pay Solution, the following roles are involved:

  • Customer
  • Partner
  • WorldFirst

Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 11.26.50 AM.png

Figure 1. WorldFirst Pay Solution workflow

As the graphic demonstrates, a Customer needs the following steps to utilize the WorldFirst Pay Solution service:

Step 1: A Customer logs into the Partner's platform and chooses to make a payment with WorldFirst.

Step 2: The Partner accepts the payment order and calls the createCashierPayment API.

Step 3: WorldFirst responds to the createCashierPayment API alongside a redirection URL for the Checkout page.

Step 4: The Partner uses this URL to redirect the Customer to the Checkout page.

Step 5. The Customer chooses to bind his or her WorldFirst account on the Checkout page.

Step 6. The Partner redirects the Customer to the WorldFirst authorization page.

Step 7. After successfully binding the WorldFirst account, WorldFirst displays the result to the Customer.

Step 8. The Customer confirms the payment order and clicks on the Pay now button to proceed.

Step 9. WorldFirst processes the payment order and notifies the Partner about the payment result.

Step 10. The Partner notifies the Customer about the payment result.

User Experience

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For more details about the features of WorldFirst Pay Solution, refer to the API list chapter.

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