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Getting started with WorldFirst APIs

This document provides a comprehensive guide to make your first WorldFirst API call with Postman.


  • For the first-time integrating Partners, contact WorldFirst Technical Support to make sure your IP address is on the whitelist.

    Step 1. Download a premade script

    Contact WorldFirst Technical Support to obtain the sample script and import the file to your Postman Workspace.

  • The signature provided above is a demo signature. For detailed steps to generate a unique signature instead of using a testing signature, refer to the Calculate and generate the signature chapter.

    Step 2. Configure the request header


    Configure the header parameters after loading the sample Postman script.

    Sample values:

    HTTP URL: http://{domain_name}/amsin/api/v1/business/fund/inquiryRate

    Method: POST

    Client-Id: *****

    Signature: algorithm=RSA256,keyVersion=1,signature=KEhXthj4bJ801Hqw8kaLvEKc0Rii8KsNUazw7kZgjxyGSPuOZ48058UVJUkkR21iD9JkHBGRrWiHPae8ZRPuBagh2H3qu7fxY5GxVDWayJUhUYkr9m%2FOW4UQVmXaQ9yn%2Fw2dCtzwAW0htPHYrKMyrTpMk%2BfDDmRflA%2FAMJhQ71yeyhufIA2PCJV8%2FCMOa46303A0WHhH0YPJ9%2FI0UeLVMWlJ1XcBo3JrbRFvcowQwt0lP1XkoPmSLGpBevDE8%2FQ9WnxjPNDfrHnKgV2fp0hpMKVXNM%2BrLHNyMv3MkHg9iTMOD%2FFYDAwSd%2B6%2FEOFo9UbdlKcmodJwjKlQoxZZIzmF8w%*****

    request-time: now()

    Content-type: application/json

  • Step 3. Configure the request body

    Click on the Body tab above the value field. Choose the raw option, and insert the following request body into the text box:

    { "inquiryRateConditionList": [ { "sellCurrency": "USD", "buyCurrency": "EUR" }, { "sellCurrency": "USD", "buyCurrency": "GBP" } ] }

  • Step 4. Send the API request

    Click on the Send button to initiate your first WorldFirst API call. In the Response section, you would be able to see the response indicating the API call is successful.